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Cargo Data Entry Projects

Cargo Industry - Cargo Data Entry Projects

Universal Infowiz is one of the fastest growing Cargo Data Entry Service provider in India. We provide custom made Data-Entry Services depending on the client’s specifications that include Data Conversion Services, Data Processing Services, Back Office Services, Data Research Services, and Form Processing Services at affordable rates. As a leading Data entry service provider, We realize that outsourcing of data entry is a very important part of the various business industry area.

Right now we have four data entry projects available:-

  • Cargo Data Entry Projects
  • Medical Data Entry Projects
  • Mortgage Data Entry Projects
  • Telecom Data Entry Projects

Each project goes through a specific data entry service plan. We assurance that Online Data Entry or Offline Data Entry Projects will be delivered on time with the highest levels of data accuracy and quality. We have a rich experience with data entry projects which gives the best possible solutions.

Cargo Data Entry Projection:

  • Business Deposit 28000 INR / Seat ( Refundable )
  • Total Deposit – 28000 INR / Seat * 5 Seat = 1,40,000 INR ( Refundable)
  • Workload 3500 to 5000 Forms / Seat
  • Total Workload – 3500 Form / Seat * 5 Seat = 17,500 Forms per Month
  • Form Rate – 12 INR / Form
  • Total Field – 26 ( Auto Field – 3, Numeric Field – 11, Common Field – 3, Alphabetic – 9
  • Total Payout 17,500 Form * 12 INR Form = 210,000 / Month + Deposit Refund
Cargo Data Entry
Quality Slab Payout Currency
96.1% – 100% 12 INR
92.1% – 96% 10 INR
88.1% – 92% 8 INR
Below 70% NIL NIL
84.1% – 88% 6 INR
80.1% – 84% 4 INR
70.1% – 80% Rework INR

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Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best data entry service provider, India. We are one of the foremost service providers of an extensive array of Form Filling Project, Data Entry, Data Entry Project, Non-Voice Projects.

Whether it’s managing creating a comprehensive career plan for them, our data entry experts are dedicated to providing with exceptional service.

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